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June 20, 2005


rev mommy

You have spent a lot of time contemplating this -- Wow. I love Tozer -- and I am going to investigate The Chalice and the Blade.


I am always looking for good books--thanks for these! And thanks for your visits to my site. I'm tickled to find yours.


Brother Cadfael? Hmmm. It takes all sorts I suppose.


Oh it could have been worse, Howard! My favourite holiday reading is still Maeve Binchy!
Doesn't do my intellectual street cred much good I'm afraid.

susie albert miller

caroline, have you seen The Divine Hours, for winter, autumn, springtime & summer (3 different volumes) by Phyllis Tickle. you might really enjoy adding it to your daily office collection. in fact i imagine you would like most of her writings;)
great book list, i can't imagine picking 5!

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